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Bulk Mail Partner



Teersa Mailing Solutions is an accredited mail house, as a Bulk Mail Partner (BMP) with Australia Post they are recognised as having invested in

processes to make mail lodgement more efficient and effective and having commitment to providing efficient, effective mail campaigns.

When it comes to marketing, direct mail is a highly effective way to reach current and prospective customers.

Research shows that 82% of people check their letterbox daily and an additional 11% check their letterbox every two days.

Teersa Mailing Solutions can develop your copy, design, print, pack and post your direct mail, saving time and money. 

With an in-depth understand of the rules and regulations that Australia Post insist on they can ensure your bulk mail is printed, personalised,

inserted, packaged and delivered according to yours and Australia Posts specifications.

The key to their success is knowing and understanding how the process works. They provide you with the most effective and efficient ways

of mailing your customers. 

With high end production facilities in house they can get your direct mail marketing campaigns out on time, they understand how important

your deadlines are and will work with you to ensure your campaigns are in hand when they need to be.

Teersa can manage both small and large volume mailings. They can also use your existing customer address data or source mailing lists for you.

An added bonus is their ability to prepare your mail in a way that maximises postage discounts from Australia Post, pay as little as 0.715* per article.

And specialised equipment allows them to process large bulk mail volumes at very quick speeds.


  •  High speed mail inserters that can quickly insert any volume of mail with up to 7 items, multiple sizes and types.

  •  Intelligent inserting machines will ensure that all of your personalised items are matched to the recipient. And the barcode reader ensures that all of your document pages are matched and sent to the intended recipient. 

  •  Mechanical Folding - including cross folding

  •  Mail sorting

  •  DL - C4

  •  Inkjet

  •  Envelope Printing

  •  High Speed Laser printers

  •  Plastic Wrapping


Unaddressed mail lets you reach new customers or target specific areas without knowing addresses or addressees. 


Your unaddressed mail can be delivered to households or business addresses across your desired localities.

As a printing service Teersa can provide the materials and complete the mail drop for you, or you can supply your own materials.

This is a great way to target a wide area quickly at low cost.

  •  Brochure & flyers

  •  Pamphlets

  •  Letterbox drops

  •  Promotional material

  •  Vouchers

  •  Catalogues

  •  Magazines

  •  Product samples


Plastic wrap is a great way to package magazines, catalogues, newsletters etc. It gives the ability to show off all of that design work and entice the

recipient to open the package. With an option to use bio-wrap in place of traditional plastic. 

Additionally, it protects the piece from outside elements, no soggy, dirty letters here!

Often used with the Australia Post 'Print Post' service the postage is much less*, if you don't have a 'Print Post' number our friendly staff will

discuss the requirements with you and obtain it for you.

Teersa has the ability to plastic wrap up to 7 items and collate inserts into a magazine, newsletter etc 

  •  Magazine Publications

  •  Newsletters

  •  Brochures

  •  Flyers

  •  Annual Reports

  •  Subscriptions

  •  Calendars

  •  Club Magazines

  •  Charity Appeals

  •  Periodicals

  •  Booklets

*postage discounts vary depending on database, weight, size, category.

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