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In-house High-speed cut sheet laser printing equipment produces the highest quality black and white and full color available.


Single-sided, duplex or multiplex, on your supplied stock or stock supplied by Teersa Mailing Solutions. 


Any quantity you need of all your marketing material and customer correspondence.

As experts in variable data printing they can assist in developing personalised print material that is targeted to your specific customer.

Some examples;

  •  Pamphlets

  •  Flyers

  •  Brochures

  •  Newsletters

  •  Vouchers

  •  Postcards

  •  Catalogues

  •  Letterhead

  •  Envelopes

  •  Christmas cards

  •  Magazines

  •  Menus


Teersa has the ability to directly address your envelopes without the need for an address label, this saves you time and money. This can also be done on other items such as magazines eliminating the need to add a flysheet. With the addition of a dryer and quick dry inks glossy items can be inkjet without smudging. 

  •  C6-C4

  • Uncoated and coated stock

  • Magazines

  • Envelopes

  • Signatures

  • Letterhead

  • Postcards

  • Black or Colour*


An additional in-house printing service is envelope overprinting. Teersa can supply the envelopes or overprint directly on your own envelopes.
Do you want your envelope to standout?

Teersa can help you to create custom branded envelopes that enhance your recognition. With stand out messages printed that can be tailored to each recipient, variable text, colour or images can be added.

With a range of colours, sizes and envelope types to choose from depending on your needs. No minimum order required, print only what you need at the time or do a bulk print.

A range of envelopes;

  •  1 colour to 4 colour

  •  C6 - 162x114

  •  11b - 90x145

  •  DL - 110x220

  •  DLX - 120x235

  •  Maxi pop - 130x240

  •  C5 - 162x229

  •  C4 - 229x324

  •  Window Face

  •  Plain Face

  •  Boost your ROI with a tailored message

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